Sightseeing Downsouth

Bentota Tour

Most beautiful costal area near as 63km from Colombo city. Bentota Ganga (river) place for water sport facilities among foreigners & travelers. Present day Bentota has Tourist police station, Shopping complexes, star class hotels, Children playing area & restaurants.

Bentota Galapatha Temple

The historical tooth relic stupa of Galapatha Viharaya. - Temple located in Galapatha southern of Bentota. The great Sinhalese King Paraktramabahu 11, year 1236-1270AD built this stupa and placed tooth relic of Arahath Maha Kashapa Treo of Buddha's third discipline.

Dutch Fort Galle

Dutch fort Galle designed In year 1505 by Dutch invaders as a fence. Year 1873 during the British period it had renovated. Dutch Fort has been declared as UNESCO World heritage site year 1974.

Sightseeing Galle

116Km from Colombo city. It was the main sea port of the city before Colombo port was developed. Dutch fort in Galle developed by Portuguest year 1619. This has now been declared as world heritage site. Hikkuduwa a has natural Corel Gardens, Diving centers, water sport activities.

Matara Tour
Sightseeing Matara

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