A Temple on a rock summit - Sri Lankathilaka

A temple on a Rock Summit - Sri Lankathilaka

A UNESCO World Heritage monument. A Temple on a Rock summit Sri Lankathilaka ancient Buddhist Temple, Kandy. Sri Lanka.

Lankathilaka means Pinnacle of Lanka. This temple built on uneven rock Panhalgala in Udu Nuwara district Kandy. Ancient temples of Gadaladeniya, Ambakke God Temple( devoted for God Katharagama or God Skanda) & Lankathilaka were date back to 14th century Buddhist monuments.

Lankathilaka temple can be accessed from Pilimathalawa Junction (4km) which is 100km from Colombo Kandy road. This temple built 1344 CE during the reign of King Bhuwaneka Bahu 4 who dwelt in the delightful city of Gampola near Mahawali River.

Inscription on uneven rock.

This is one of the largest inscriptions in Sri Lanka and is written in both Tamil and Sinhala Characters on the uneven rock. This information provide regarding the founder and Chief Architect of South Indian craftsman Sthapatirayar.

Image House

This is the predominant structure as in any Buddhist place of worship. The exterior of the Image House is decorated with sculptured elephants and other decorative designs. This impressive building that originally had 4 stories but missionary structure has collapsed today.

Dragon Arch( Macara Thorana)

The main entrance to the shrine room consist of an arched structure in the shape of a dragon

Buddha Statue.

The main Buddha Image in the Image House proportion to the vast size of the shrine.

Devalaya, (God Temple)

The image house is a fine example of Buddhist Hindu shrine of the 14th Century. The dewalaya is oriented to west side of Temple.

Other places in temple

Conjoined Swans.- The decorative paintings of the Image House ceiling which has unsurpassed in buity and elegance in the history of art in Sri Lanka. The Hansa Puttuwa ( Conjoined Swans) motif records the best presentation of its kind in the field of interest of Kandyan period paintings.

Barns. ( harvest storage) - There are two large barns made out of stone and plastered with Clay. They are used to store paddy harvested from the fields belonging to the temple.

Residences of Monks.- 11 rooms oriented around a middle compound, which build during Kandy period.

Precious ancient objects seen at the temple.

  • Casket made out of Elephant Tusk.
  • Buddha Statue made from Blue Sapphire
  • Statue of King Buwanekabahu, which compound of 5 mixture alloy.
  • Medecine porch of King Buwanakabahu
  • Scepter made of horn.
  • Flag of Holland year 1765
  • Book Made of Copper
  • The original version of Rubric.